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Aretha Franklin《Take A Look》簡介

歌名:Take A Look
歌手:Aretha Franklin
專輯:《Aretha Sings The Blu》
《Take A Look》是歌手Aretha Franklin的英語歌曲,由未知作詞,未知作曲,收錄在索尼唱片1990-10-25發行的專輯《Aretha Sings The Blu》中。

《Take A Look》歌詞

Take A Look文本歌詞

Take a look around
All things green and brown
They are here to stay
The people walking by
Buildings built so high
They'll be gone someday
A piercing sound so loud
Takes over the crowd
Watch them run away
Objects in the sky
Blacken all the light
Total disarray
What a show
What a show
Take a look around
Everything you found
Will be gone someday


《Take A Look》LRC歌詞及下載

[ti:Stamp Of Origin - Take A Look Around]


[al:The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion]

[by: ]

[00:-04.00]Dredg - Stamp Of Origin - Take A Look Around

[00:-03.00]LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang

[00:-02.00]@ @


[00:00.66]Take a look around

[00:01.90]All things green and brown

[00:03.55]They are here to stay


[00:08.60]The people walking by

[00:10.43]Buildings built so high

[00:12.17]They'll be gone someday


[00:16.66]A piercing sound so loud

[00:19.28]Takes over the crowd

[00:20.85]Watch them run away


[00:25.59]Objects in the sky

[00:27.89]Blacken all the light

[00:29.30]Total disarray


[00:33.32]What a show

[00:37.54]What a show


[00:42.63]Take a look around

[00:44.89]Everything you found

[00:46.66]Will be gone someday


Take A Look.lrc歌詞下載(繁體版)
Take A Look.lrc歌詞下載(簡體版)



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