Caroline歌詞,Sugarplum Fairy《Caroline》lrc歌詞

Sugarplum Fairy《Caroline》簡介

歌手:Sugarplum Fairy
專輯:《The Wild One》
《Caroline》是歌手Sugarplum Fairy的英語歌曲,由未知作詞,未知作曲,收錄在Universal2008-09-26發行的專輯《The Wild One》中。



James Taylor - Caroline I See You
Caroline, I see you
Standing on the stairway
Waiting for your bear there
Handy on the landing
Penny in my pocket
High enough to hold you
When I come back home to you tomorrow
You may will be angry
I'll for sure be hungry
Meet me in the middle
Make it melt like chocolate
Be my little baby
I take you down by the water
Some December morning
Take you from your family
Leave them to their longing
Take you by your hand
Somewhere on the sand. Oh
Caroline I love you
Though I'm late to say so
Hesitate to tell you
What will be your answer
Some December morning
Standing on the stairway
Caroline I see you



[ti:Caroline I See You]

[ar:James Taylor]

[al:October Road]


[00:00.00]James Taylor - Caroline I See You


[01:43.99]Caroline, I see you

[01:47.71]Standing on the stairway

[01:51.71]Waiting for your bear there

[01:55.33]Handy on the landing

[01:59.20]Penny in my pocket

[02:03.08]High enough to hold you


[02:13.21]When I come back home to you tomorrow

[02:18.36]You may will be angry

[02:22.13]I'll for sure be hungry

[02:25.97]Meet me in the middle

[02:29.69]Make it melt like chocolate

[02:33.47]Be my little baby


[02:44.25]I take you down by the water

[02:48.52]Some December morning


[02:56.50]Take you from your family

[03:00.17]Leave them to their longing

[03:07.84]Take you by your hand

[03:11.51]Somewhere on the sand. Oh

[03:15.61]Caroline I love you

[03:19.38]Though I'm late to say so

[03:23.22]Hesitate to tell you

[03:27.11]What will be your answer

[03:30.65]Some December morning

[03:34.49]Standing on the stairway

[03:38.37]Caroline I see you







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